MSP432 Launchpad

Endlich ist das MSP432 LaunchPad Development Kit eingetroffen. Es beinhaltet TI’s erste 32-bit Low-Power und Hochleistung-MCU. Hervorzuheben sind: – 256KB Flash – 14-bit ADC – Timers – IP Schutz – AES256 Modul – Comparator – Serielle Kommunikation (SPI, UART, I2C) – 48 MHz CPU und Floating Point Unit – Low Power (Aktiv < 1—uA/MHz, RAM ... Weiterlesen

Internet of Things

Which cloud service do I recommend for IoT applications? Depending on needed functionality, there are a few services to consider: Temboo, ThingTalk, Xively and more! Some are free, some are costly. But how safe is the service? Some microcontrollers cannot send data via a SSL link, so they are vulnerable. Even worse, some services require … Weiterlesen